Drew Dutton and his wife Stacey

Drew Dutton’s first Porsche was a used 1971 911T Targa.

“It was the early 80’s and I became hooked. After selling that, I bought a new 1986 911 SC Targa. Much more fun. I so enjoyed driving that car on Mulholland Drive between the Pacific Coast Hwy and San Fernando Valley. Unfortunately, I sold the car in 1989. I didn’t get another Porsche until in 2007 when I bought a 997 S. Wow, what a car. I briefly joined PCA, but sadly, the job market in 2008 changed my plans and once more I was without a 911. I took up car racing (SCCA, NASA, etc.) in 2011 with Miatas and BMWs. My tow vehicle was a Cayenne Diesel. All of that only pushed me to put a 911 on my bucket list, but not just any 911. I was thinking GT3’s or Turbos. In 2015 when the 991 GT3 RS came out in ultraviolet… well that became my bucket list car. Just last month, I was blessed to check that off my list. With my wife, Stacy’s support, I am now the proud owner of a 2016 911 GT3RS, ultraviolet, of course. It is more car than I am a driver at this point, but I hope to close that gap with PCA track days, and maybe some lessons.”