Everett Plante is a brand new member having recently bought a 2020 Macan S in Volcano Grey Metallic.  We are excited for him to share his story as it’s the first four-door Porsche we’ve featured in a Member Profile.  Plante’s passion is clear in the way he cares for his Macan.

When did you join Hill Country PCA?
EP: I joined in October 2019, just weeks after I took delivery of my new 2020 Macan S.

How long have you lived in the Austin area? What brought you here?
EP: I moved to Austin in March of 2008, to join Silicon Labs.  I moved to Texas back in the 80s right after College, settling in Houston.

How and when did you become interested in Porsche?
EP: I’ve always had an interest in Porsche, my sister bought the first Porsche in the family – as 944 back in 80s.  That was my first experience with the brand – the quality, engineering and style is what impressed me first. Despite some of the cars I have owned, I’ve always been attracted to classic styling.  Porsche has always represented classic styling, but unfortunately was out of reach for a long time or was not practical with 4 kids and dogs.

What made you choose the Macan?  Did you consider other cars?
EP: I traded a 2016 Land Rover LR4 for the Macan S.  The LR4s drivability combined with reliability and cost of maintenance was finally enough for me to begin looking.  I looked at a lot of luxury SUVs and crossovers from a number of brands but was always left unimpressed with engineering or performance.  The Macan is perfect – I wanted a car that was performant and fun to drive – but also had room for the family and the utility I require. I put a lot of miles on a car per year, so cabin design and features were also high on my list.  The PCM and Apple CarPlay have not disappointed.

What makes the Macan well suited to your wants or needs?
EP: Next to detailing my new Macan my other passion is sailing,  I have two sailboats, one which sits on a trailer. I needed a car that could handle trailering a small sailboat, as well as transporting my gear. I should tell you about my Stealth Hitch install some day, my wife thought I had lost my mind but it is also perfect. Having room for the family is also very important and the Macan can transport my family very comfortably – although there is some griping from the family about my choice of parking locations.

Tell us about your purchasing experience? Did you buy from dealer stock or special order?
EP: I bought from dealer stock. This was my first Porsche and despite spending quite a bit of time on forums I was a little intimidated by the thought of custom ordering. With very few minor exceptions, the Macan S I took from dealer stock matches exactly what I might have ordered.  Porsche Austin made the whole process easy and was very accommodating to my needs and schedule.

What drew you to this particular car?
EP: The build was perfect, the options that were chosen met my desire for performance and distinction.  The color was also perfect. Dating back to my 30’s I’ve always admired the “Gunmetal” look, the Volcanic Grey is as close as I think you can get.

What is your favorite thing about your car?

EP: The performance – it’s a blast to drive.  Additionally, the Macan S is a car that needs your attention when you are driving it.  I love that Porsche built a crossover that hasn’t lost its racing heritage and requires the driver to drive it.

What makes this car special to you?  Does it have any special features?  
EP: Beyond the performance, the car rewards my desires of meticulous auto detailing tendencies.  The build quality is amazing and there is not a detail overlooked. I have 21” RS Wheels and PASM – the combination makes this build very unique and fun to drive.

What do you love most about Porsche cars?
EP: The heritage of racing, and how that heritage makes it into every car they build. I also absolutely love the classic styling of Porsche automobiles.

Do you have a dream Porsche that you’d like to own?
EP: No, at this point I am just enjoying the Macan S.  At some point I’ll have an extra spot opening up in my garage – perhaps a 911 will be my dream car.

Tell us about a notable drive or road trip you’ve taken thus far?
EP: The week I took delivery of the car I drove to Dallas.  It wasn’t terribly memorable other than I had the opportunity to spend several hours behind the wheel on the open road – and gain appreciation for the capabilities and features of the car.  I did make more that one stop along the way, so I could refer to the Porsche “Good to Know” app.

Are there any PCA events that you’re looking to participate in?
EP: Tech Sessions are on the top of my list, assuming I can fit them in with my kid’s schedules.

Interview and Photographs by Jonathan Haggar