Hello and hope you and yours are well.  Unfortunately, Texas and the Austin area (Travis, Hays and Williamson Counties) are experiencing a significant increase in COVID 19 infections.  This impacts HCR’s desire to hold in person events as you will see below.  Please stay safe, wear a mask and social distance. We don’t want you to be a statistic.

If you have any news or stories related to the pandemic, please let us know.  You may use the contact information at the end of this email.


Last Wednesday we held our first Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) since February featuring Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long.  There were 120 persons registered for the event.  Patrick discussed Porsche racing, who he has managed the past three months and his upcoming Luftgekühlt.  After Patrick’s comments he answered questions submitted in advance by those registered.  The feedback from the membership was overwhelmingly positive

We successfully used the Zoom webinar format.  We did well for our first time.  Based on that success we will continue to explore using Zoom for future events.  Big thanks to Membership Chair Gordie Robbins, who pulled all this together.  Also, thanks to Charlie Sparks, Steve Guzman and Carl Rossi for their support.


We know that masks are now a routine part of our everyday life.  I’ve seen lots of different types as I get out and about.  Mine is plain.  We are interested to see what kind of unique masks our membership are sporting.  Please submit a photo of you or someone you know wearing your favorite mask or face covering – especially if it’s Porsche related.  We’ll feature them in the upcoming edition of Horizons.  Please send your submissions to Jonathan Hagar at associateeditor@hcrpca.org by July 15.   


Speaking of Horizons, we are going to publish another full edition of Horizons, but again it will be an electronic version.  Based on the current situation, we feel our membership is better benefitted by publishing electronically.  We still intend to continue print editions when the dust settles.  Later this year, we will also poll the membership to allow those that don’t want to receive a print copy of Horizons to opt out.  If you have any suggestions for content, please let me know.


Based on the success of our recent tech session, we planned a driving tour for July.  However, with the recent spike in COVID 19 infections throughout our area, we decided it was best to cancel for now.  We also will hold off on planning any in person events until the situation improves.

We still plan on our support to Texas Burn Survivor’s Society at some point this year.  This could include a tour.


 Have you donated blood?  Don’t forget We Are Blood still needs donations.  Alex Suarez is the driving force behind this effort.  If you’re looking for a way to make a difference during the pandemic, consider making an appointment at <https://weareblood.org> to donate blood. Alex has already donated.  If you choose to donate, give them the group code of D103 or indicate that you are donating on behalf of “Hill Country Region Porsche Club of America.”


In a joint decision with Austin Community College Public Security Training Center, we decided that our Tire Rack Teen Street Survival course scheduled for October could not be held.  Part of the reason was because TRSS guidelines would not allow coaches in the cars.  Neither HCR nor PSTC felt that not having coaches in the car would severely impact the learning experience as well as potentially compromise safety.  We are working with both TRSS and PSTC to schedule for 2021. 


Our September Schnell Fest Driver’s Education event is still scheduled for September 18 – 20, 2020 at Circuit of the Americas (COTA).  This Porsche Club of America Driver Education event is a joint presentation of the Hill Country, Lone Star and Maverick Regions – PCA, with the support of our good friends at the Houston Chapter BMW-CCA. We’re calling these events at COTA the “Austin Schnell Fests” to emphasize the fact that these events are not just for Porsche or BMW Drivers – drivers of every make are invited to participate, and membership in PCA or BMW-CCA is not necessary.  Registration will open August 5th at Noon Central Time on https://clubregistration.net  You can find more information at https://austinschnellfest.clubregistration.net/

We want to reiterate that any events we hold will be in adherence to the guidelines set out by our Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies as well as PCA.  If you have any suggestions for an event, please let me know.  We’ll keep you updated.  

Our goal continues to be to keep our membership up to date on Coronavirus issues as they relate to HCR and PCA.  We are using our social media more proactively.  Your safety and security are our number one priority.   

We urge you to follow federal, state, county and local guidelines for mitigating the spread of the virus.  Stay safe out there.  Talk to one another.  We all need to stick together during these trying times.

Any questions or comments, please let me know. 


Tuffy von Briesen

President – Hill Country Region

Porsche Club of America