I’m happy to report our upcoming Bluebonnet Tour on March 27 is not only a sellout, it’s oversold with a waiting list! This has always been our most popular tour of the year, with beautiful scenery and interesting roads, and it’s still holding true for 2021. We have about 85 cars registered (no pent-up demand there). That’s the good news.

Our challenge is that there are only a certain number of cars we can manage on a tour, and that number is about 45-50 cars (85 cars is unmanageable).  The ideal size for a drive group is a maximum of about 8-12 cars. We want to get everyone out on the tour with a minimal amount of waiting around. And your intrepid tour team doesn’t want to turn anyone away. So we’ve come up with a 2nd Bluebonnet Tour date…to my knowledge this is a first for our region. Here’s some details:

  1. The second tour date is the following Saturday, April 3rd.
  2. Registrants who missed getting into the March 27 tour (those above #50) were automatically re-enrolled for the tour on Saturday, April 3rd. There is no limit to the number of passengers accompanying drivers in either group (just subject to seating limits in your car).
  3. No one has to do anything extra. All registrants that were moved to the 2nd tour date will be notified by email as to their registration status. It will be either Confirmed (if all Waivers have been eSigned) or Pending (if they need to do that).
  4. Thanks to our tour team for a ton of work behind the scenes to open up a 2nd tour date, and make the registration process as easy as possible for everyone. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for good weather for both tours.
  5. If you are registered for the 2nd tour date and cannot attend that tour, please go into ClubRegistration.net and cancel your registration.
  6. Hagerty is sponsoring the tour with coffee and donuts at check-in at each tour. Big “Thank You” to Hagerty!

If any questions, contacts will be listed in the email you receive, or contact me and I will get you to the right person who can help you.

Charlie Sparks

President – Hill Country Region

Porsche Club of America


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