Adrian’s Story

HCR has two new members recently transferred from San Diego: Adrian and Frances “Chip” Silva. They submitted their story about their moved from CA to TX recently in our “Best Story from 2020” contest we ran earlier this year. Their story didn’t win, but they were runner up. We couldn’t include their story in the upcoming Horizons issue, due to space constraints, so I’m going to share it with you all here, and then give you the rest of the story afterwards. I’m unable to share photos in this PCA eMailer program (PCA needs to fix that).

Here is Adrian’s contest submission:


What started in 2019 finally was completed in 2020………our new home in Georgetown! It took a full year for the build……….we took eleven flights from San Diego to Austin during the year and, lucky for us, the virus hit about two weeks after our last trip to finalize the details on the house……….February. If it had reared its head one month before, we would have had a major problem moving. As it turned out, June became our move time and all went well………..though we had to stay at the Sheraton Hotel in Georgetown for ten days after arriving due to quarantine factors. I think they call this an “adventure!”

We moved to Texas for the same reason most grandparents uproot themselves at elderly ages…….. a beautiful granddaughter and a loving family.

Like everyone, the pandemic has definitely interfered with our plans for exploring Texas……..overnight stays throughout the state just haven’t been in the cards. However, we did have one very big highlight in November……….our son (Cody) finally bought his very first Porsche! His dad (me!) has been driving Porsches as his daily drivers for the past 40+ years and it took this long to finally convince him there isn’t a better car. Needless to say, he’s a happy camper and a new PCA & HCR member. Treat him right…….he’ll be around a lot longer than I will!

We love living in Texas and we’re hoping to become active members of HCR after the mess is under control. Stay well and safe and we look forward to meeting y’all down the road a bit!

P.S. For us, I guess some good definitely came out of this medical disaster.


Adrian included several photos of his 2018 Miami Blue Carrera, including a really cool one with his car and his son Cody’s Carrera Coupe in Chalk.

But now here’s the rest of the story, and you’ll see why I’m sharing this with you all today. Here’s the email I received from Adrian yesterday afternoon.



My name is Adrian Silva and I’m a current member of HCR. We’ve never met because just three months ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Stage IV metastatic melanoma in my right lung and liver, and haven’t been well enough to attend any of the recent drives and gatherings. Because of the probable outcome in the not-to-distant future, I’ve decided to sell my current Porsche:

2018 Porsche 911 Carrera (28,300 miles)

Miami Blue exterior

Graphite Blue interior (full leather)

Manual transmission

Sport Design mirrors

Sport Exhaust 

Carrera Sport 20” wheels

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (tires were changed at 14,999)

Sport Plus seats

Bose speaker system

PCM Navigation 

Porsche-branded CTEK battery maintainer included in sale

Factory Warranty is good until August 14, 2021

All maintenance records (next service not due until August 17, 2021)

Certificate of Authenticity 

Asking Price: $73,500 (I will take off $3,500 for the bumper repair)

Note: the car is in almost perfect condition except for some minor damage to the right rear bumper cover where I backed into street sign pole (@3mph).

It’s a wonderful 911 that I planned to keep forever. However, due to my current medical circumstances, I’ve decided to sell it.

I’m asking $73, 500, but will discount it $3,500 for the bumper repair:

Charlie, if you’d pass along my info to anyone in HCR who might be interested, it would be most appreciated. I’d like the next caretaker of the car to be an HCR member, if possible.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

Adrian Silva 

212 Creek Crossing Dr.

Georgetown, TX  78628



I’ve spoken to Adrian a couple of times this morning. And I’ve connected him with my contact at Caliber Collision on Metric (THE Porsche body shop). Adrian is getting a quote from Caliber on Monday (they are going out to his home in Georgetown to see the car and provide a second quote….he already has a quote from Berli’s. I’ve seen pictures of the rear bumper cover, and it appears to just need a new cover plus paint/clear coat, imo.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact Adrian directly, and he has consented for me to share his contact information with all of you, including his phone number. The car was a special ordered car from Porsche, since it was to be his final 911. He has pictures he can share, or he’s willing to schedule a time for anyone to come out and see the car.

And that’s the rest of Adrian’s story.