As a reminder, I’ve highlighted the NEW and UPDATE events for you below, to make it easier for you to locate new calendar items, or existing events with new information. 


Here we go!



Ladies Lunch Bunch

Ladies Luncheon is held on the first Wednesday of each month. The June luncheon will be at Maggiano’s in the Domain, on Wednesday, June 2 at 11:30 am. Due to restaurant restrictions, this event will be limited to the first 20 participants.


To register and reserve your seat for any Ladies Luncheon, please email Michelle at: Sorry guys, ladies only.


Attendees will be expected to sign PCA Communicable Disease waivers at the event. 



UPDATE: Summer SchnellFest / Intro to HPDE 

Summer SchnellFest comes up on June 4-6 out at COTA, and includes the new Intro to DE Program only on Friday, June 4. We need some volunteer cone shaggers this Friday out at COTA during the Intro to DE program in the morning. Yours truly will be out there, setting the standard for cone shagging….try to keep up with me.


Cone shaggers don’t need to pre-register for the event. Just show up at COTA, Garage #32 by 7:30am. See more detailed directions below to get to the paddock.


REMINDER: Parade Laps for Charity on Saturday June 5 AND Sunday June 6 at SchnellFest. Come out and drive your car on the worldclass F1 track at Circuit of the Americas! Suggested donation is $20/car.


Parade Lap instructions are simple and no registration is required:

  1. We’ll grid cars for parade laps at 11:45 a.m. Saturday and Sunday – PLEASE do not enter the grid earlier than 11:45!
  2. Use COTA’s Main Entrance – from F.M. 812 onto Circuit of the Americas Blvd. Tell the Security Guard you are there for the Porsche Event and need to go to Tunnel 2. 
  3. Proceed on Circuit of the Americas Blvd to the Tunnel 2 Gate. There you’ll sign the waivers and get wristbands.
  4. Enter the Tunnel 2 Gate, follow the roadway past the gas pumps, then take the next right turn, a ramp leading down into the main paddock.
  5. At the bottom of the ramp you’ll make a “U Turn” to the left and enter the Grid.
  6. We’ll start gridding cars for parade laps at 11:45am. If you arrive earlier than 11:45am feel free to park and sightsee. A PA announcement will be made when it’s time to grid up.



UPDATE: German Motor Gathering in Boerne

As you all know, the original Driving Tour to Boerne and Porsche Car Corral was canceled due to bad weather. However, the associated German Motor Gathering car show in Boerne has now been rescheduled, so our HCR event is back on. The date is Saturday, June 26 and we depart for Boerne at 8am. Starting location will be emailed to all confirmed registrants a day or two before the event date.

 Everyone who registered for the original Driving Tour and Car Corral will remain as registered, but you will be moved to a Pending status. This is necessary since the original Event Liability Waiver that was signed is no longer valid and must be re-signed. As a result, you must go back in to ClubReg and eSign the Event Liability Waiver. Some of you may not have eSigned the Communicable Disease Waiver (or the one you eSigned may have expired), so that waiver might also need to be signed.

 For those drivers that have made a charitable contribution ($10), we plan to apply your donation to this rescheduled event, so nothing additional is needed. If you are unable to join us on the new date, your money can be refunded or, with your permission, it can be added to the amount that Hill Country Region donates to our supported charities. If you are unable to attend, please login to your ClubReg and cancel your registration, so that other folks would be able to attend in your place.


If you didn’t register for the original tour, but want to attend the rescheduled event, WE HAVE SOME OPENINGS, so register here: ClubReg.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to:, or



UPDATE: Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is set for the second Thursday of the month.


The next Lunch Bunch is planned for June 10, location TBA by end of May. Lunches will be planned at outdoor locations, where possible. Seating limits may apply based on the restaurant. 


Attendees will be expected to sign PCA Communicable Disease waivers at the event. Bob is always glad to hear that you are planning on coming or if you will be bringing a large group. Bob can be reached at:



Porsche Austin Espressos and Exotics

Porsche Austin invites HCR members (those not attending SchnellFest at COTA) to attend a cars and coffee event at the Arboretum, adjacent to their new facility, on June 5 from 8:00am – 10:00am. You may contact them if you are interested in displaying your vehicle, or just attend and enjoy the fun.


Here’s a link to more information:



John Paterson Porsche Collection

This event on June 12 is closed to any further registrations. If you have been confirmed for this event, then you may attend. Every attendee will be checked-in and wrist-banded. Please don’t show up if you didn’t get registered AND confirmed, because you will be turned away. We have strict space limitations.



UPDATE: Porsche Austin Open House!

Demand was so great from our first two Open Houses, so Porsche Austin has added a third date: Tuesday, June 15. Same format as before, with small group tours running at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. There are only a few open slots left, so hurry and register soon!


Remember, Porsche Austin is providing a Covid-safe environment, and please bring your mask. The event is being held during normal business hours at the dealership and we need to respect that other customers may be in the dealership. Everyone who attends is a Porsche Ambassador for HCR! 


Register at: Porsche Austin Open House #3



Boxster 101 Maintenance Tech Session

Chris McChesney brings back his hugely-popular Boxster 101 Maintenance tech session on Saturday, June 19. This is basic Boxster DIY maintenance, and will be simple things you can do to your car that DOESN’T require being hooked up to a computer. This session focuses on replacing FRONT BRAKES, including rotors/pads/sensors. One lucky person can have their front brakes replaced at the session.

Boxster owners ONLY! And the session is limited to 10 people as it’s conducted in Chris’ garage at his house. You MUST arrive in your Boxster! 


Register at: Boxster 101 Tech Session



UPDATE: Next Driving Tour: BBQ and Ice Cream!

Our next tour will be on July 24, presented by Driving Adventures USA. Breakfast will be provided by Torqqe Performance, another HCR sponsor and advertiser. I know, I know…it may be hot. So what? Our tour will feature twisty and scenic roads, BBQ lunch in one town, ice cream in another town (to keep you cool), and plenty of back road driving to satisfy your P-car.


Registration is now open: BBQ & Ice Cream Tour



F1 Ticket Contact

If any HCR members are in need of seats for the F1 race, please contact Brandon Brock at COTA. He still has a few seats left for PCA members:



Use Promo Code “Porsche” with this link if you want to buy them online:



Looking Back


Cigars and Scotch Tasting

We had a terrific evening this past week at Casa de Montecristo, with a premium cigar and four very special single malt whiskeys for tasting. The ringer turned out to be the last whiskey we tried, which turned out to be an American single malt. At last count, we had 17 participants, and judging from all the smiles and conversation, it was great camaraderie time. We will do these events quarterly, and tastings will be a different type of spirit each time. Pics are on FB and Instagram.



Open Positions

I’m happy to report several new volunteers joined our ranks in the past couple of months. However, HCR continues to have multiple volunteer opportunities in several aspects of our club. In the past, we’ve all come to rely on “a person” delivering events like tours, tech sessions, happy hours, DE, picnics, dinners, etc. That leaves our club woefully under-supported, and puts all the responsibility on a core group of about 10-15 volunteers. For an organization of 1500 members, that’s not a sustainable model. So our club is moving in a new direction to create opportunities and roles that are smaller and more numerous, so that no one person has to carry a heavy load. 


We need volunteers. “Many hands makes for light work.”


If you desire to help out, and can only give a 1-2 hours a week, then we have plenty of opportunities where you can help. Our desire is to find out what you like to do, and align you with that group within our club. Again, small commitments of time that can fit the schedules of not just retirees, but members still in the workforce. We will present a way for these volunteer opportunities to be “reference-able”, so that your volunteerism and skillset can be called out on your professional resume.


Contact me if you would like to help your club. My information is below.



Our objective continues to be to keep our membership up to date on what is going on in HCR, as well as PCA nationally. Please remember, our goal is to deliver events that allow you to participate safely, and to ensure you have fun!  


If any questions or comments, please let me know.  


Charlie Sparks

President – Hill Country Region

Porsche Club of America


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