For those members who may have missed our social media posts on Facebook this past week, I wanted to provide this special email tonight to highlight some significant “wins” for HCR recently.


Each year, PCA asks the regions for nominations in a variety of “Best” categories. Typically, in the past several years, HCR has submitted our nominations in these categories: Region Of the Year and National Newsletter. At Porsche Parade this past week, in French Lick, HCR was recognized nationally in these two categories in which we actively competed. 


At the main awards banquet this past Tuesday night, HCR received the First Runnerup award for Region Of the Year! This is a very big and important award. HCR’s success last year is directly attributed to the men and women who developed, organized and delivered our events, those HCR members who participated in them, and the sponsors and advertisers who helped make these events possible. Everyone did their best in following government and PCA recommendations to deliver events in a tough year with lots of restrictions. The dedication to the success of this club, by many people, is evident in this award.


In another huge recognition at the Wednesday evening banquet, HCR received the top award for National Newsletter . . . our Horizons quarterly newsletter was awarded “Best in Class” for “large” regions. This means our Horizons team outperformed all the other regions in our class. That recognition is HUGE, considering we compete against the likes of Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, etc. Our Horizons team deserved that recognition, and it was very well earned! The production team for 2020 is: Vipul Darji, Jonathan Haggar, Jeff Moore, and Steve Rosebaugh. It always takes a team effort, and this Horizons team delivered the goods in 2020…please thank them when you run across them at an event.


Lastly, on behalf of a grateful board, I want to acknowledge the leadership from our President last year, Tuffy von Briesen. He was a major driver of our accomplishments, and I know he would never toot his own horn, but I will.


Our Executive Council is scheming on ways to showcase the hardware we won, so that all our members can have an opportunity to see the awards in person. Stay tuned for more details on when and where you can view our awards.





Charlie Sparks

President – Hill Country Region

Porsche Club of America


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