While Steffanie Huffstatler enjoys the thrill and speed of a sports car, she appreciates having comfort and convenience features for everyday driving.  She shared with us why the 2016 Cayenne GTS provides her the perfect balance.

When did you join the Hill Country Region?
My husband and I joined HCRPCA in September 2015 when we bought our first 997 Carrera S. I like to tell people that I bought it for his birthday. I actually just talked him into it!

How long have you lived in the Austin area, and what brought you here?
We moved to Austin roughly nine years ago for my husband’s job. We previously had lived in Portland OR but Central Texas is our home and where family is. We moved back to Waco in December 2020 to be closer to the kids.

How and when did you acquire this Porsche?
Our first Porsche was a standard and since it had been many years since I had driven one, my husband wasn’t too excited for me to practice in the 911. I have owned several sports cars in the past and was wanting to get back behind the wheel of something with a little punch to it. (I bought my C5 Vette from my son so the “need for speed” runs in the family.) After many months of looking, I found the right Cayenne in March 2019 and immediately fell in love.

What drew you to the Cayenne GTS?
I was originally looking for a Cayman but since we’ve got five grandchildren that we love to hang with, it wasn’t too practical for both of us to own a two-seater. At one time we stuffed our grandson Jackson into the backseat of the 911. All he could say was “This is so cool!” It wasn’t until I saw my car that I knew the Cayenne was my dream car.

Can you tell us about a notable drive or road trip?
There are several and it’s hard to decide which was the best. A week after I bought my Cayenne, I made a spur of the moment decision to load up my mom and sister to drive to North Carolina to pick up my dad. My parents were especially impressed with the heated back seats. On the way back to Texas, I ran into the worst storm I’ve driven in and the car handled beautifully. The second trip was to Porschepalooza in Eureka Springs, AR. At the last minute, my husband wasn’t able to go, so I grabbed a girlfriend and made the trip in the Cayenne. She isn’t a “car” person and there was a time or two when I might have made her a bit nervous driving in the mountains on one of the more

spirited drives. We went to the first Palooza in the 997 and have stories to tell about that one! At one point I looked out the window and we’re hugging the side of the mountain with a 200 foot cliff on my side – the radar detector was screaming “OVER SPEED” and my husband was telling me “It’s ok baby, the trees will slow down the fall”. That was a high point and so dang exciting!

What is your favorite thing about your car and what makes it unique or special to you?  
I love the look and feel of my Cayenne – it’s just “me”. Comfort and luxury with all the power I want. I’m a responsible driver but I also drive a Porsche which means I really love to go fast. My car is quick! I have to watch it closely because 100 feels like 60. My PCA tags tell you I’m pretty proud of my Baby G. The 911 is the Baby.

Does it have any special features or modifications?
The GTS comes with quite a few options so there wasn’t any need for any modifications. The Alacantara and leather interior are nice touches and the crested seats are a pretty cool detail. I was too impatient to wait any longer so I grabbed this one when I saw it.

How did you first become interested in the Porsche brand?  What do you love most about Porsche?
It was actually my husband that first put the idea of owning a Porsche into my head. Our first Porsche was a fantastic car to ride in but I wanted to own and drive my own. Like the saying goes, there’s nothing more therapeutic than listening to loud music and driving fast. Joining the PCA and meeting other Porsche owners is probably my most favorite experience. The friends we’ve made have become family. We formed our own Porsche Beach Society with a group of PCA members. We’ve cruised down to the Cayman Island and Jamaica and can’t wait until we can do it again.

Have you owned other Porsches?  Can you tell us about those and which was your favorite?
To date we’ve owned three Porsches. My husband currently has a 991.1 Carrera S that I can drive with the PDK. We have this thing about black cars so all of them have been black on black. While the 911s haven’t been daily drivers, they haven’t just sat in the garage either. Out of the three, the 991.1 is my absolute favorite to drive. I love that feeling when you punch it and you move! I’m so fortunate that I can walk into the garage and have a choice of which Porsche to drive. People act kind of surprised when they find out we have a “his and hers”. I give my grandson Jackson twenty years and he’ll have one too!

Is there a dream Porsche you’d like to own?
I’m living the dream now and am so appreciative.

What is your favorite Porsche or PCA related experience?
Porschepalooza and Parade have been wonderful times. The local drives and social gatherings are special times and hopefully something we can resume in the near future. Again, it’s the people that have become family that make it special, the cars are just icing on the cake.

What PCA or car related activities do you participate in?
We participate in the local events at several venues. We’re hoping to hit Treffen, Fiesta and Porschepalooza again this year.