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Our next tech session is on Saturday, August 10. We will be at Jeff’s Resurrections in Taylor, TX. The address is: 106 Porter Street in Taylor. Jeff’s Resurrections is a shop that brings cool cars back to life (as the name implies). The shop is typically full of unique cars in some stage of resurrection/restoration, and sometimes there are Pcars there (although I can’t guarantee it on August 10). Jeff will give us a summary of his services, give us a shop tour, and talk about some of the current projects. Member Q&A is encouraged throughout the session.

PLEASE NOTE: This tech session will be a bit different in that we will gather at our usual time of 8:30am for sign in and coffee (and maybe a kolache). But don’t fill up! Our program At Jeff’s will end by 10:30am, and will will walk a short two blocks to world class BBQ at Louie Mueller’s. They will be expecting us, and the cost will be somewhere around $20-25pp (individual pay). We will be in our own private area, and best of all…NO WAITING IN A LONG LINE THAT WRAPS AROUND THE BLOCK!)

Suggested driving route to Taylor is to run out Hwy 29 from Georgetown, which is nice and twisty. Then head south on Hwy 95 into Taylor. GPS (even Porsche’s) should take you right to Jeff’s Resurrections.

Registration is currently open on Clubregistration.net.