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Ok my friends, we are going to have a TOUR, Yes, that’s right!! Here are the details:

*This will be our first use of the new eSignature process for all waivers.
*Each participant (driver and passenger(s) must register using their own account within ClubRegistration.net. We will not allow a registration for “driver +1” as has been done in the past. (The reason for this is that the eSignature event waivers are specific to just the registrant’s account.)
*Your registration for this event will only be confirmed when each participant has successfully executed the eSignature for both required waivers: PCA Release/Waiver of Liability, and the new Communicable Disease Exposure Waiver.
* Upon completion and submission of your registration, please access the two QR codes shown at the top of the event page here, and complete the eSignatures on BOTH forms.
*This will be a driving-only tour of 2-3 hours in length, with one rest stop.
*Each driving group will be released from the start at staggered times of 15-20 minutes between groups.
*At the rest stop, please do not mix and mingle with participants from other drive groups, if present. We need to keep each group at no more than 10 people to satisfy state and local limitations on sizes of groups.
*When the tour ends in Lampasas, the event is over and completed. Participants are “on their own” at that point to see the lovely sights of Lampasas, or make their way home.
*PCA Tour Insurance will be obtained for the event.
*We will strictly follow the PCA Covid guidelines, as well as state and local guidelines.
*We are limiting this activity to a maximum of 30 PEOPLE only.
*When you arrive at the meeting place, all participants will be checked in to ensure everyone has completed their eSignature waivers and we will ensure that we have those on file.
*Each registered participant will receive a wristband. No wristband, no drive.
*After checking in, participants will be designated to park in 1 of 3 groups.
*Outside your car, masks and social distancing are MANDATORY.
*All participants must attend the mandatory drivers’ meeting, which will be conducted within each of the 3 groups, so there will be no more than 10 people in any group.

You are welcome to call me (or Tuffy or Charlie) we will answer your questions the best we can.