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The Bat signal flashes against the dark clouds framing the night sky above Gotham City, but Batman hasn’t responded and he’s nowhere to be found.

The Riddler is back! – putting the city in peril once again. He threatens to reduce every vineyard in the area to a wasteland if his riddles are not solved on June 15th. But without Batman, how can he be stopped?

In desperation, Commissioner Gordon has sent a secret message to the HRC Rallymasters pleading for our help. It’s up to the members of the HRC to Rally together on June 15th to solve the riddles and save the vineyards of Gotham City.

Are you up to the challenge? Leave your Batmobiles at home, it will take every Porsche we can muster to execute our mission.  The Riddler hasn’t posed his deviously crafted riddles just yet – in fact we won’t see them until we rally together at the check in on Saturday June 15th. While we don’t want the Riddler to get wind of our plans just yet, sign up on www.clubregistration.net.  Registration is now open. Let your fellow HCR members know we need them all to come out and beat the Riddler on June 15th.

There will be a $10.00 per car registration fee, payable in cash at check in.