What is a Concours?

A Concours (Concours d’Elegance) is an event where entered cars are judged as to a wide range of expectations of excellence.  The expectations, or conditions, compare the judged car to a new, or comparable car, in areas of cleanliness, appearance, care, and other attributes.  Cars are classed in accordance with a set of guidelines which intend to compare like cars, models, and/or years of manufacture.  Each car is compared to other cars in the class, or to a standard, and a winner is selected based on an established point system.  Judges score interior and exterior elements of each car on especially prepared sheets, and assess points critical to each element of the car; they are limited by a timer.  The score sheets for all cars in the class are reviewed and posted and cars are rated for awards.  Turnout of competing cars determines the exact nature of class, as low turnout may prompt consolidation of classes.  Teams of judges and a timer are responsible for judging of each car; a team may judge more than one class depending on turnout of competitors, but a team may not include a car owner of the class being judged, and all of a class must be judged by the same team members. The timer may have the lead responsibility to control the judging of cars to insure consistency of scoring.

At the end of class judging, the winners of some/all Classes are rejudged by a separate team to select a Best in Show.

It is generally expected that individual score sheets, once results of the scoring are entered into the system, will be available to car owners.  Those records will be destroyed following the day of the event.

The Chief Judge has the final decision as to consolidation of classes or challenges of judges.

PorscheDillo, a traditional HCRPCA annual event, consists of at least a Concours following this set of guidelines, as well as other allied activities.