Jeff Moore
Jeff MooreDealer Liaison & Horizons Associate Editor

Jeff and his wife Lisa have lived in Austin since 2005 (plus in an earlier time from 1985 to 1990), and have been Porsche owners and PCA members since 2014. Having raised three sons who are successfully on their own, Jeff and Lisa now have time and freedom to travel, enjoy top-down drives in their 2014 Boxster and participate in PCA and HCR events. They also own a 2001 BMW M5 for four-door practicality. Notable cars from their past include a 1976 Ford Pinto station wagon, 1980 Renault LeCar, and a 1986 Acura Integra -one of the first 100 Acuras sold in the State of Texas. Then came kids and a long stretch of minivans and SUV’s, until along came a 2007 BMW Z4 which got them hooked on roadsters. Jeff has served as the Assistant Editor for Horizons since 2015. In his “other” job, he is a partner with Ryan, LLC, a global tax consulting firm.