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Member Articles

Hill Country Region thanks the following members for sharing their personal articles.  Member articles can cover almost any topic that is club, motorsport or Porsche related.  If you would like to submit an article, please email:

Message from Zone 5 – COVID-19

I hope that you and your families are doing well and surviving the Covid-19 flu crisis of 2020. Without a crystal ball, I have no way of knowing how thinks will look when you probably see this note as the crisis evolved daily. Regardless, the health and safety of PCA members is PCA’s #1 concern. In that light, I know you have seen a lot of cancellations, and there will probably be more. In a social club like PCA, [...]

American Pie

What in the world, you might ask, does the 1971 song by Don McLean have to do with Porsche? Read the full article to find out how the ‘death of Rock-n-Roll’, could very well have been written about car companies also. The events that transpired in the 1980’s were a wake-up call to Porsche and Audi of how public opinion can be a fickle spouse indeed, to be ignored only at great risk. This article provides a grim history of how both companies fell afoul of the US consumer market and the lessons each learned from their setbacks.


Read the story of the rise and fall of the most iconic racetrack in Central Texas - the Texas World Speedway. From the early dreams of becoming a premier superspeedway for NASCAR to the humiliating demise as a dumping ground and eventual residential development. Click the title or picture to read the full article.

Small Wonder

Introduced to Porsche in his younger days by a book of the same name, our historian writes about Dr. Ferdinand Porsche's remarkable achievements in the automotive industry and how this physically diminutive man became a giant among automotive pioneers. Click the title or picture to read the full article.