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Member Articles

Hill Country Region thanks the following members for sharing their personal articles.  Member articles can cover almost any topic that is club, motorsport or Porsche related.  If you would like to submit an article, please email:


By H.E. Falk Copyright 2019 The words ‘Southern Pointe’ may mean nothing to most of us, but to a select group of veteran race enthusiasts, this seemingly innocuous phrase probably evokes feelings of extreme nostalgia and fond memories, mixed perhaps with a degree of sadness and heartache.  The reason is, for those of you who don’t know, is that ‘Southern Pointe’ is the name of the new housing development being built on the site of the iconic Texas World Speedway.  [...]

Small Wonder

By H.E. Falk Copyright 2019 I imagine everyone must have a beginning with Porsche – that moment in one’s life when we first become attracted to the marque, learn of its history, exhilarate in its performance, or be in awe of its engineering and quality.  It doesn’t seem reasonable for people to simply ‘grow into’ a Porsche, as though it were Mom and Dad’s Chevrolet – no, the unique qualities of this art-form-on-wheels has to be discovered and experienced, not [...]