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Member Articles

Hill Country Region thanks the following members for sharing their personal articles.  Member articles can cover almost any topic that is club, motorsport or Porsche related.  If you would like to submit an article, please email:

PORSCHE TAYCAN 4S REVIEW: All Electric, All Porsche

[Reprinted from Horizons Winter 2021] PORSCHE TAYCAN 4S REVIEW: All Electric, All Porsche STORY BY JEFF MOORE PHOTOS BY JONATHAN HAGGAR Thanks to the generosity of Porsche Austin, I enjoyed the weekend use of a Taycan 4S in December. This very extended test drive provided the time needed to thoughtfully evaluate the functions and features, and most importantly, develop a sense of the driving experience. The Taycan 4S has a base price of $105,150 including destination charge. Like any [...]

PCA Zone 5 Rep Notes – June 2020

Chuck Bush PCA Zone 5 Representative Monthly Note – June, 2020 I hope you all are doing healthy, safe and enjoying your Porsches.  Another month of COVID-19 disruptions, and unfortunately we seem to be worse off than we were last month with total numbers of cases rising.  Our regions have done a great job of modifying their activities to meet local requirements, and keep our members safe. Please help them by by following local guidelines and staying home if [...]

PCA Zone 5 Rep Notes – April 2020

Chuck Bush PCA Zone 5 Representative Monthly Note – April 26, 2020 Wow- it has been a crazy month.  Hope you and your families are well.  I hope you have seen the notes from PCA about PCA’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, and the cancellation of National events.  It is good that folks are making the best of things with Sim racing, and virtual events. There is a lot of activity on social media as folks try to maintain [...]

A Rare Find

On those rare occasions when I find myself with unexpected time on my hands (as during state-mandated isolation during an unforeseen COVID-19 outbreak), I like to browse through my extensive collection of old car magazines.  My wife has occasionally commented, and I am not inclined to disagree, that my interests have somehow stalled in a time capsule – I prefer to watch a 1970’s variety [...]

Message from Zone 5 – COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020 I hope that you and your families are doing well and surviving the Covid-19 flu crisis of 2020. Without a crystal ball, I have no way of knowing how thinks will look when you probably see this note as the crisis evolved daily. Regardless, the health and safety of PCA members is PCA’s #1 concern. In that light, I know you have seen a lot of cancellations, and there will probably be more. In a social [...]

American Pie

What in the world, you might ask, does the 1971 song by Don McLean have to do with Porsche? Read the full article to find out how the ‘death of Rock-n-Roll’, could very well have been written about car companies also. The events that transpired in the 1980’s were a wake-up call to Porsche and Audi of how public opinion can be a fickle spouse indeed, to be ignored only at great risk. This article provides a grim history of how both companies fell afoul of the US consumer market and the lessons each learned from their setbacks.

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