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Horizons Member Profiles

Hill Country Region thanks the following members for sharing their personal stories.  If you would like to submit your profile to Horizons for consideration, please email:

James Rossie

At the Summer Tech Session, fellow PCA member George Hansen met a new member with a late model Carrera that had undergone significant refurbishment. Hansen introduced us to James Rossie whose Porsche is an attractive and unique 2001 Carrera Cabriolet in Arctic Silver. We spoke to Rossie about his Carrera and his interest in Porsche cars. Horizons: When did you join PCA Hill Country Region? JR: I joined in February, 2017 shortly after I bought my first Porsche. Horizons: [...]

Jason Savage

Jason Savage owns a beautiful example of a car that many Porsche fans dream of - a very original 1970 911S in Mexico Blue. Waiting for his arrival at our designated meeting spot, one couldn’t help but notice the unmistakable and glorious sound of the approaching vintage flat-six reverberating off the surrounding buildings. We spoke to Savage about his 911S and his interest in Porsche cars. HORIZONS: What year did you join PCA / Hill Country Region? JS: 1995 [...]