Volunteer Opportunities

Hill Country Region needs your help to continue to grow and expand the list of available activities for our members.  Please consider volunteering for one of the open positions listed below.  If you see a task or activity that you think might interest you, or if you know of a club activity in which you would like to explore possible opportunities, send an email to volunteer@hcrpca.org describing your interest.  One of our volunteer coordinators or event chairs will contact you.

Web Editor

The HCR Web Editor is responsible for keeping the HCR Website up to date with fresh content and adding new features as requested by the board of directors.  The Web Editor works with the Webmaster to share these and other responsibilities related to keeping the site running smooth and trouble free.  Computer proficiency is a pre-requisite but no software development experience is necessary.  Familiarity with WordPress and Avada are also helpful but not required.  The club has recently gone through an extensive website redesign and your help is needed to add new features and post new content.  For more information or to volunteer your time and expertise for this important role, email volunteer@hcrpca.org and our webmaster will contact you.

Street Survival School Volunteer Positions

The Tire Rack Street Survival School is a program to teach young drivers (age 16-21) the basics of car dynamics and car control skills.  See the Street Survival section of our website for details.  Volunteers are needed to set up the cones for the course the day before the school and to maintain the course the day of the school.  Members with Drivers Education, Autocross or other track experience can volunteer as instructors.  To qualify to instruct, you will need to take the online training on the streetsurvival.org website and obtain a certificate.  For more information or to volunteer your time, email volunteer@hcrpca.org and our Street Survival Chair will contact you.

Newsletter Advertising Manager

An individual with a working knowledge of sales and marketing activities is needed to join the HORIZONS newsletter editorial staff.  You will be responsible for recruiting and supporting advertising clients for our quarterly region newsletter and working with the newsletter staff on placing client ads in the newsletter layout. For more information or to volunteer, email volunteer@hcrpca.org and a member of the newsletter staff will contact you.

Community and Public Relations Coordinator

A person is needed to promote PCA and the Hill Country Region to all Porsche owners, members and non-members alike, and to the community at large and to potential sponsors.  You will assist in organizing, scheduling and publicizing Porsche club events, especially community service events and projects, such as charity events, concours and other club activities that would involve or be of interest to the general community.   For more information or to volunteer, email volunteer@hcrpca.org and a member of the Executive Committee will contact you.

Porsche Road Rally Volunteer Positions

HCR’s Rally Registration and Rally Awards Distribution:

This volunteer position has both pre and post rally responsibilities.  Before the rally begins, drivers will need to register and sign liability waivers.  This position would handle driver rally registrations.  After the drivers have completed the rally, this position would coordinate with the Rally Master the distribution of the various recognition awards for the specific road rally.

HCR’s Rally Staging and Rally Scoring:

This volunteer position has both pre and post rally responsibilities.  This volunteer position would organize the staging of each registered driver and their car to ensure the start of the road rally is safe and efficient.  After the drivers have completed the rally, this position would assist the Rally Master with the scoring of each driver’s rally results.

HCR’s Rally Theme Developer:

If you enjoy creative activities, then this volunteer position would be a good fit for you.   Each road rally has a specific theme to create a bit of fun and challenge for each driver/navigator.  This position would brainstorm with the Rally Master on a theme that the road rally would be developed around.  Then theme activities would be created for the road rally.

HCR’s Rally Route Designer:

This volunteer position would map out new driving routes for a road rally.   Once an area is agreed upon with the Road Rally Master, the route could be mapped out and then driven to ensure accuracy in the specific driving directions.  This volunteer position would need to drive the mapped route several times to validate that the driving directions are correct for the road rally.

If you are interested in finding out more about these Road Rally positions or to volunteer, email volunteer@hcrpca.org and our Road Rally Committee Chair will contact you.